Professional Endodontics Upgrades to Latest Cone Beam Imaging Technology


Professional Endodontics has invested in Carestream’s latest Cone Beam CT imaging system for their Southfield branch, and soon to be all branches. Keeping up with the technological advances made in our field is one of Professional Endodontics’ highest priorities. We know that our ability to provide our patients with the best possible care is contingent Read more

Don’t Be Misled by Myths About Root Canals


Over time, a stigma has formed around root canal treatment that deems it to be a painful process with the possibility of leading to cancer, stroke, or other health problems. Professional Endodontics would like to break that stigma because, in reality, this is an outdated and unfounded view of root canals. In fact, there is Read more

How to Relieve Patient Anxiety Surrounding Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Alleviating patient anxiety surrounding root canal treatment could mean the retention of your patient’s natural dentition. There is a stigma surrounding root canal treatment that carries along with it false anxieties about it being a painful and possibly dangerous experience. Not surprisingly, this stigma is mostly upheld and spread by people who have never undergone Read more

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