Advances in Endodontic Microsurgery Might Save Your Teeth

Professional Endodontics Surgical Procedure

Consult an endodontist to find out if dental extraction can be avoided through endodontic microsurgery. Though endodontic nonsurgical treatment, or root canal treatment, has a high success rate—exceeding 90%—there are many occasions when the tooth doesn’t heal correctly. In these cases, patients will experience pain and/or swelling in the treated tooth due to a non-healing Read more

Partner with an Endodontist for More Precise Diagnoses

Professional Endodontics Staff

The AAE has been pushing for universal diagnostic language and techniques to create more precise diagnoses amongst industry professionals. Until recently, there have been numerous diagnostic classification systems advocated for when determining endodontic infection/disease. The result of having such a variety of diagnostic systems has been confusion, misleading terminology, and, too often, incorrect diagnoses, leading Read more

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