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Don’t Let Oral Health Issues Ruin Your Summer


Follow these simple steps to maintaining good oral health during the summer months. Summer is here and that brings many anticipated activities including vacations, poolside afternoons, hiking, travelling, and gathering with friends and family. While this time of year can be more relaxed, it is important to remember to take care of yourself including keeping Read more

Four Common Dental Injuries Your Endodontist Should Treat


Learn about some of the most common dental injuries that may require specialized treatment from an endodontist.   What happens when someone experiences a tooth injury? Which injuries are the most serious? Can a tooth be saved when it is fractured or chipped? These are common questions that come up regarding dental injuries. Whether the patient Read more

Support Underserved Patients by Promoting Accessible Quality Oral Care


Dentists and endodontists are encouraged to support national, state, or local causes that promote high-quality accessible care. The American Academy of Endodontics (AAE) and the American Dental Association (ADA) stand together in support of delivering quality oral health care to all individuals in need. Unfortunately, there are many significant challenges that make it difficult for Read more

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