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Experience Lifelong Benefits from Root Canal Treatment

Professional Endodontics Dr. Maderosian

In addition to providing pain relief, root canal treatment has proven to offer many other lasting oral benefits. Mentioning the words ‘root canal treatment’ to most dental patients garners an immediate reaction of fear. Most people have an outdated perception regarding what the treatment actually is, still holding the belief that it’s a painful and Read more

Don’t Be Misled by Myths About Root Canals


Over time, a stigma has formed around root canal treatment that deems it to be a painful process with the possibility of leading to cancer, stroke, or other health problems. Professional Endodontics would like to break that stigma because, in reality, this is an outdated and unfounded view of root canals. In fact, there is Read more

Endodontic Patients Enjoy Lifetime Benefits from Root Canal Treatments


Endodontists provide an elevated level of service and care for patients who require root canal treatment to save a tooth. Endodontic patients who have had a dental injury, disease, or needed root canal therapy benefit most from preserving their natural teeth. There is a wide array of research that shows that saving a natural tooth Read more

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