Root Canal Treatments Offer Lifelong Benefits

Root canal treatment can provide permanent relief from tooth pain and offers many lasting oral health benefits. When it comes to having dental work completed, it is important to select the treatment that will have the best effect on your long-term health. For example, studies have shown that having a root canal [...]

Root Canal Treatments Offer Lifelong Benefits2016-02-02T14:23:22-05:00

Preserve Your Tooth with a Root Canal Treatment

Preserving natural teeth through root canal treatments should be a priority for patients and dental care providers. Whether you are dealing with painful tooth decay, an unexpected injury, or a dental emergency, saving your injured or damaged tooth should be a priority. In the past it may have been more common to [...]

Preserve Your Tooth with a Root Canal Treatment2019-04-12T15:02:17-04:00

Root Canal Treatment vs Extraction

There is no debate when it comes to treating a tooth with a root canal or extraction: root canals are almost always the better choice. Endodontists receive significant training in the diagnosis and treatment of oral pain. As a result, they have a special level of expertise when it comes to handling [...]

Root Canal Treatment vs Extraction2015-08-04T16:05:46-04:00
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