Endodontic Obturation; What is New?

Endodontic obturation is the last but not least step of the root canal treatment. The sequential procedures during the rigorous treatment protocol are critical for a successful outcome in endodontics, starting from a correct diagnosis, access opening and cleaning and shaping of the root canal system. Obturation is important because it will [...]

Endodontic Obturation; What is New?2021-06-08T14:45:44-04:00

They’re Your Patients, and We’ll Help You Care for Them

Running a thriving dental practice entails everything from routine cleanings and fillings to diagnosing more complex dental problems. The work can overwhelm even the most dedicated, seasoned practitioner. You know that nothing can slow your day down more than squeezing in an emergency molar endo! One way to alleviate some of that [...]

They’re Your Patients, and We’ll Help You Care for Them2020-02-05T12:46:34-05:00

Keeping up with Canal Preparation and Obturation Techniques

In the midst of continuous medical and technological advances, Professional Endodontics manages to stay current in an ever-evolving industry. Considered to be the two pillars of nonsurgical endodontics, canal preparation and obturation (filling) are often critical steps in the path toward long term tooth retention. Depending on the diagnosis, endodontic treatment for [...]

Keeping up with Canal Preparation and Obturation Techniques2021-01-06T18:24:16-05:00

Complex Treatment Planning

We can help you gain patient acceptance for complex treatment plans. Treatment planning for diseased teeth is a complex endeavor. Thorough dental history of the patient, clinical testing, and radiographic examination are all required to make an accurate diagnosis prior to treatment planning. The process that follows in choosing the best path [...]

Complex Treatment Planning2021-01-03T20:58:51-05:00
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