When root canal treatment doesn’t fix the problem, plan “B” becomes endodontic retreatmet..

Root canal treatment has never been more effective than it is right now. In fact, studies show that the success rate, depending on circumstances, ranges between 85% and 97% for initial treatment. Though root canal treatment boasts a very high success rate, there are still cases where teeth don’t heal properly. In these cases, the infected tooth can become painful or diseased months or even years after treatment. When a treated tooth fails to heal or develops new problems, it’s important to know that the patient may still have a chance at retaining the natural tooth.

Endodontic retreatment is the process of reentering the root canal after an initial treatment, removing the filling, and cleaning the canal for a second time. After cleaning the canal, the specialist will fill and seal it, place a temporary filling in the tooth, and refer you to your dentist to have a new crown placed on the tooth. At Professional Endodontics, root canal retreatment is the second most common reason—only behind initial root canal treatment—for patient visits. When revisiting a treated tooth, it’s imperative that patients place their dental care in the right hands. Professional Endodontics maintains a reputation for excellence in patient care by requiring our specialists to remain at the forefront of endodontic developments and equipping them with the best instruments in the industry.

Why Choose Endodontic Retreatment?

Most, if not all, dental professionals will agree that there is no adequate replacement for the natural tooth in terms of functionality. By opting for tooth extraction, patients may be subject to dietary limits for the rest of their lives, whereas, endodontic retreatment has proven to restore teeth to their original functionality. Restored teeth can function well for years, or even a lifetime.

If a patient is curious as to why they may need retreatment, there are several reasons that might cause a treated tooth to develop problems. For instance:

  • Narrow or curved canals were not treated during the initial procedure.
  • Complicated canal anatomy went undetected in the first procedure.
  • The placement of the crown or other restoration was delayed following the endodontic treatment.
  • The restoration did not prevent salivary contamination to the inside of the tooth. (AAE)

Infections can also occur when a fractured tooth or broken crown exposes the tooth to new infection.

Plan “C” -periapical surgery

When retreatment does not solve the problem, or is not a good option, there may still be a chance to save the tooth through periapical surgery. Periapical surgery can remove infections that may be too large for the body to clear. Let us help you decide if this would be an appropriate procedure for you.

Root canal treatment is constantly advancing, so the technology used in your initial root canal treatment might already be outdated. Our staff at Professional Endodontics is always evolving with the industry, making sure to stay up to date with the latest tools and methods in our trade. That’s why we’ve built a reputation for consistently reaching our ultimate goal—Save the natural tooth! So contact us at Professional Endodontics to learn more about how we can serve you.

About Professional Endodontics

Professional Endodontics has been exceeding the standard of care in Wayne and Macomb counties for over 50 years. The team specializes with treating issues with the inside of the tooth and goes out of its way to provide a safe easy environment for patients. Each member of the practice is dedicated to providing excellence in patient care and values high-quality relationships with referring dentists and specialists. Each endodontist at Professional Endodontics has been individually chosen as Best Dentists. Thanks to contemporary advances in endodontics, Professional Endodontics is able to use innovative technology to treat and save teeth that have suffered damage to the soft tissue within the roots of the tooth.

Professional Endodontics now offers three state-of-the art facilities in Clinton Township, St. Clair Shores, and a fully renovated Southfield location in the Comerica Tower. All locations offer the latest in advanced dental deliver systems, microscopy, and digital radiography.

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