When a patient walks through the door of your dental office, they are often apprehensive about the visit, and may be in pain. After a thorough examination, if you must deliver the news “You need a root canal procedure,” the patient may be overwhelmed and fearful about what happens next. Whether you’re equipped to perform the procedure in-house or require a reliable referral option, Professional Endodontics (PE) is here to assist.

In this video, PE endodontist Dr. Steve Shoha explains how practicing this discipline makes him appreciate how complex teeth are. Hear him speak about his passion for endodontics and how rewarding it is to help patients of all ages every day.

The Endodontic Partnership

As experienced endodontists, our practice is a reflection of yours. Patients expect the very best in dental care, and when you refer them to PE, it’s essential that they receive it. We know that it is important to you that we treat them with the same kind of care you would expect. In the type of collaborative endodontic partnership Professional Endodontics delivers, our experts work to exceed your—and your patient’s—expectations.

Patients Are Like Family

Patients of all ages depend on PE’s expertise to help with their endodontic problems. Dr. Shoha might start his day with a young patient between 9 and 12 years old and end it with a patient of 91 years old. He loves the variety of patients he treats and feels each one is like family to him.

“I know about their families, and they know about mine,” says Dr. Shoha. “We all care about each other and make sure everyone gets what they need.”

Dr. Shoha also chose endodontics because of his family values. His father was a member of the dental group until he retired five years ago, and he, his brother, and his cousin are in the practice as well. An interesting note is that Dr. Shoha’s father Dominick, went to school with the fathers of both Dr. Marderosian and Dr. Schoelch!

“My goal as an endodontist is to do the best I can,” he says. “Every day, every tooth is a challenge, and I offer patients my expertise in root canals because I’ve done hundreds of them over the past 20 years.”

Professional Endodontics works hard to remain up to date with trends. Dr. Shoha says the cone-beam or CBCT machine is particularly helpful because it allows him to see the anatomy of a tooth in three dimensions.

Pandemic Protocols

And what about Covid-19? Dr. Shoha says he understands patients’ anxiety about going to a dental office, but at PE, the staff takes extensive measures to ensure patient safety. These range from air purifiers in every room to face shields and other personal protective equipment (PPE) used by all employees. Patient seating remains socially distanced, with plexiglass shields to prevent transmission by air.

Our Collaborative Goal

At PE, our goals are to provide patients with the best possible experience and to serve doctors who entrust their patients to us. Our doctors see every patient as an individual and every tooth as a challenge and offer many years of experience to provide the best possible care.

For referring dentists, our endodontic experts are on call for consultations to help better serve your patients. You can contact us with any questions regarding the care and treatment of cases you refer to us.

For more information on our services or to refer an endodontic patient to us, please contact Professional Endodonticstoday.