In the midst of continuous medical and technological advances, Professional Endodontics manages to stay current in an ever-evolving industry.

Considered to be the two pillars of nonsurgical endodontics, canal preparation and obturation (filling) are often critical steps in the path toward long term tooth retention. Depending on the diagnosis, endodontic treatment for a root canal will typically involve the preparation and obturation of the canal. Briefly explained, canal preparation is the clearing and disinfecting of the root canal to provide adequate access for obturation, which is the process of filling and sealing the canal after treatment.

As is true for most medical practices, the instruments and methods used in these procedures are constantly being updated to support the endodontist’s number one goal: save the natural tooth. At Professional Endodontics, one of our core priorities is to stay current within our field and maintain the newest and most effective methods for achieving that goal. By collaborating with us, dental practices can utilize our technology and expertise, providing a further sense of comfort for patients.

Recent Developments in Endodontics

Root canal treatment is generally the most common reason to visit an endodontist, therefore canal preparation and obturation are vital tools of the trade. Between the latest updates in cone beam imaging systems and the endless improvements to endodontic instruments, root canal treatment is constantly becoming more efficient.

Recently, the use of cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) has significantly improved the endodontists ability to map out the root anatomy. Teeth with unusual root anatomies, congenital variants or iatrogenic alteration present challenging obstacles for endodontists. Prior to CBCT technology, many root canal failures could be attributed to missed canals. After the introduction of CBCT, with proper planning, endodontists are able to achieve positive results even in cases with difficult challenges.

The process of cleaning and shaping the canal has also experienced the benefits of medical advances. The introduction of nickel-titanium (NiTi) instruments in the late nineties has drastically improved the success of canal preparation. And, since then, minor improvements have helped to improve flexibility and precision. Specialists are now better equipped than ever before to clean and shape the canal path with minimal damage to the surrounding tissue.

Canal disinfectants have been developed that help remove the smear layer. This biofilm layer, composed of bacteria, and their byproducts has been shown to contribute to endoontic failures. Disinfectants now focus on changing the surface tension within the canal to allow for better debris removal

Developments in root canal obturation haven’t been quite as significant. However, the use of heat generators to plasticize gutta-percha materials has produced successful results in contemporary practice.

Creating a collaborative practice is beneficial for both parties involved. By partnering with Professional Endodontics, dental practices can utilize the latest technology and best methods practiced for root canal treatment and other serious dental issues. Contact our offices to speak with our staff about building a long lasting relationship that will further prove to your patients that their best interest is your top priority.

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Professional Endodontics has been exceeding the standard of care in Wayne and Macomb counties for over 50 years. The team specializes with treating issues with the inside of the tooth and goes out of its way to provide a safe easy environment for patients. Each member of the practice is dedicated to providing excellence in patient care and values high-quality relationships with referring dentists and specialists. Each endodontist at Professional Endodontics has been individually chosen as Best Dentists. Thanks to contemporary advances in endodontics, Professional Endodontics is able to use innovative technology to treat and save teeth that have suffered damage to the soft tissue within the roots of the tooth.

Professional Endodontics now offers three state-of-the art facilities in Clinton Township, St. Clair Shores, and a fully renovated Southfield location in the Comerica Tower. All locations offer the latest in advanced dental deliver systems, microscopy, and digital radiography.

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