Advances in Anesthesia Reduce Pain in Endodontic Care

Professional Endodontics Services

The common misconception that endodontic care is painful can be put to rest as endodontists drastically improve on the administering of anesthetics. One of the most common concerns among dental and endodontic patients is that restorative dentistry and endodontics are inseparable from pain. The best example of this is the stigma surrounding root canal treatment Read more

Root Canal Preparation and Obturation

Professional Endodontics Staff

Keeping up with the latest tools and methods for canal preparation and obturation is essential for providing proper endodontic care. According to the newsletter Colleagues for Excellence, published by the American Association of Endodontics (AAE), canal preparation and obturation are the “two pillars of nonsurgical endodontics.” In short, canal preparation involves providing adequate access to Read more

Professional Endodontics Celebrates Root Canal Awareness Week by Educating our Patients


To ensure that our patients get the best quality dental care, we believe it is important to keep them informed of advances in modern endodontics and root canal treatment. Just as a cardiologist focuses on saving the heart, an endodontist focuses on saving the natural teeth. One of the most common treatments involved in saving Read more

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