Preserving natural teeth through root canal treatments should be a priority for patients and dental care providers.

Whether you are dealing with painful tooth decay, an unexpected injury, or a dental emergency, saving your injured or damaged tooth should be a priority. In the past it may have been more Professional Endodontics Dr. Maderosiancommon to extract a damaged or broken tooth, but these days patients have many options for preserving their teeth. In fact, the American Association of Endodontics (AAE) states that saving a natural tooth through endodontic treatment should always be the first choice for both health and cosmetic reasons.

Seek Dental Care Early

If you are experiencing pain from tooth decay or damage, it is important to schedule an appointment with your dentist or endodontist as soon as possible. Tooth pain can be a significant but studies show that the pain generally decreases dramatically following proper dental treatment (Pack and White, 2011). This is especially the case in root canal treatments. Thanks to many anesthesia options available, root canal treatments can be virtually pain-free and generally provide immediate relief for dental pain.

The Benefits of Saving Natural Teeth

In addition to providing efficient relief from pain, the AAE highly recommends root canal treatment over tooth extraction for a variety of reasons – one of the primary concerns is preserving a natural tooth. Repaired or preserved natural teeth offer many benefits including better chewing capabilities, normal biting force, a more natural appearance, and a reduced number of post-treatment visits and work. Root canal treatments are highly effective and are often less costly than the total expense of having a denture, bridge, or implant put in.

How to Receive the Best Care

Patients who have had severe dental pain know that your top priority in the moment is to address the problem and alleviate pain. The best way to ensure quality care in an emergency is to already have a relationship in place with a dentist you know and trust. This way you do not have to spend valuable time and effort researching dentists or taking chances with the nearest dental office when an emergency arises. If your injury or dental problem requires specialized attention, your dentist can refer you to an endodontist they know and trust. Endodontists are experts at diagnosing and relieving tooth pain and can use advanced equipment and procedures to treat problems quickly and painlessly. This way you can ensure you are getting the best care possible from a collaborative team of reliable and responsive care providers.

About Professional Endodontics

Professional Endodontics has been exceeding the standard of care in Wayne and Macomb counties for over 50 years. The team specializes with treating issues with the inside of the tooth and goes out of its way to provide a safe easy environment for patients. Each member of the practice is dedicated to providing excellence in patient care and values high-quality relationships with referring dentists and specialists. Each endodontist at Professional Endodontics has been individually chosen as Best Dentists. Thanks to contemporary advances in endodontics, Professional Endodontics is able to use innovative technology to treat and save teeth that have suffered damage to the soft tissue within the roots of the tooth.

Professional Endodontics now offers three state-of-the art facilities in Clinton Township, St. Clair Shores, and a fully renovated Southfield location in the Comercia Tower. All locations offer the latest in advanced dental deliver systems, microscopy, and digital radiography.