Keeping up with the latest tools and methods for canal preparation and obturation is essential for providing proper endodontic care.

According to the newsletter Colleagues for Excellence, published by the American Association of Endodontics (AAE), canal preparation and obturation are the “two pillars of nonsurgical endodontics.” In short, canal preparation involves providing adequate access to the root canal for disinfecting solutions without error, while obturation is the process of properly filling and sealing the canal after treatment.

Being that root canal treatment is the most common reason to visit an endodontist, canal preparation and obturation are absolutely vital to the trade. Our staff at Professional Endodontics have access to the latest tools and methods regarding these essential processes. By collaborating with Professional Endodontics, you gain an active participant in the AAE, who stands at the forefront of developing knowledge in this ever-changing and ever-progressing industry.

Developments in Canal Preparation

To prepare a canal for endodontic treatment, the canal space must be opened and shaped to match the patient’s proper canal structure. To do this, endodontists use microscopic instruments. Nearly two decades ago, the introduction of nickel-titanium (NiTi) instruments dramatically improved the success of canal preparation. This highly elastic, fracture- and corrosion- resistant material creates less force between the canal wall and the abrading instrument during preparation, minimizing the risk of error.

Recent advances in manufacturing has allowed for the production of NiTi instruments that are even more flexible than previous files. This helps specialists to carve the canal path doing minimal damage to the surrounding tissue. Specialists are even able to change canal paths to avoid the furcation in the coronal and middle thirds of the root canal.

Developments in Obturation

Though advancements in obturation have greatly improved results, there are still no established techniques for root canal filling that provide a permanent, definitive coronal, lateral, and apical seal. However, clinicians do agree that preparation and disinfection of the root canal is the most important part of treatment.

Developments in obturation have mostly been manifested through the materials used for filling and sealing the canal. For instance, new Bio-ceramic root canal cement options like BC Sealer from Brasseler have been well-tolerated in cell culture experiments, in addition to showing adequate radiopacity and flow.

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By partnering with Professional Endodontics, you can feel assured that your practice has access to the latest tools and methods for endodontic treatment. Our staff is dedicated to continuous education and participating in our industry’s community to share knowledge and experience. Partnering with Professional Endodontics provides your patients with an added level of confidence that will build their trust in your practice.

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