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Why You Should See an Endodontist for Abscessed Teeth

Endodontists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of dental problems that stem from the root canal making them the ideal choice to treat an abscessed tooth. Though most toothaches can be written off as temporary inflammation that will eventually heal, it is important to consider the possibility that it might be something more serious. For instance, if ongoing pain is paired with [...]

Conveniently Collaborate With Professional Endodontics Online

Visit the Professional Endodontics website for patient referral forms and more information about our practice. Professional Endodontics has built a reputation for excellence in patient care and collaborative doctor relationships over a span of more than six decades. Since the practice began in Downtown Detroit in 1951, Professional Endodontics has branched out to three new cutting edge facilities in Clinton Township, St. [...]

Complex Treatment Planning

We can help you gain patient acceptance for complex treatment plans. Treatment planning for diseased teeth is a complex endeavor. Thorough dental history of the patient, clinical testing, and radiographic examination are all required to make an accurate diagnosis prior to treatment planning. The process that follows in choosing the best path for treatment is exhaustive and meticulous, and is benefited by [...]

Pulpotomy Versus Pulpectomy: An Endodontist’s Perspective

a brief review of the two procedures Pulpotomy and Pulpectomy are both procedures that aim to remove infected or inflamed tissue from the pulpal area of the tooth. The most essential difference between the two is that pulectomy removes tissue from the pulp chamber AND the root canal system of the tooth, while pulpotomy focuses solely on tissue in the pulp chamber. [...]

Diagnosing Potentially Malignant Oral Disorders and Oral Cancer

Provide patients with more accurate diagnosis in serious oral cases by partnering with Professional Endodontics. Oral cancer is a public concern that is often overlooked. In fact, there have been an estimated 32,580 new cases of oral cancer in 2017 in the United States alone. 7,550 of these cases have resulted in the death of the victim. Though oral cancer doesn’t present [...]

Offer Patients a More Precise Diagnosis by Partnering with Professional Endodontics

Diagnosing pulpal conditions is a process that can often differ from practice to practice. Many diagnostic classification systems have been proposed in the past and, as a result, there is a flood of them within the dental industry. The problem with having a variety of these systems is that differing language and techniques can lead to incorrect diagnoses, furthermore, leading to improper [...]