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Professional Endodontics Celebrates Six Years with MDA’s Mission of Mercy

The Michigan Mission of Mercy event provides dental treatment to low-income families who may not have access otherwise. Professional Endodontics planted its roots in Detroit, Michigan in 1951. Since then, our practice has diligently served the communities of southeastern Michigan, branching out to three new state-of-the-art facilities in Clinton Township, St. Clair Shores, and Southfield. At Professional Endodontics, we recognize that without our community, we would not exist. We appreciate and admire [...]

Don’t Be Misled by Myths About Root Canals

Over time, a stigma has formed around root canal treatment that deems it to be a painful process with the possibility of leading to cancer, stroke, or other health problems. Professional Endodontics would like to break that stigma because, in reality, this is an outdated and unfounded view of root canals. In fact, there is no scientific evidence at all to prove it is linked to cancer or other unrelated health issues. The [...]

Advances in Endodontic Microsurgery Might Save Your Teeth

Consult an endodontist to find out if dental extraction can be avoided through endodontic microsurgery. Though endodontic nonsurgical treatment, or root canal treatment, has a high success rate—exceeding 90%—there are many occasions when the tooth doesn’t heal correctly. In these cases, patients will experience pain and/or swelling in the treated tooth due to a non-healing endodontic lesion. If untreated, this issue can lead to further deterioration of the bone and/or tissue surrounding the [...]

Proper Post Root Canal Care Ensures a Healthy Healing Process

Knowing what to do after a root canal treatment can help patients recover well and prevent any further issues in the future. Patients who have taken the steps of seeing an endodontist for a root canal treatment should be congratulated for seeking out the best care to ensure their own health and well-being. After the treatment is finished, you will most likely be feeling much better. During this time, it is important to [...]